How To Stain Wood Picnic Table

You may need to stain the places you cant reach after you apply and remove the first coat. A couple pointers here.

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Brush the stain on and then immediately wipe the wet finish from the picnic table using rags.

How to stain wood picnic table. How to care for your picnic table in three easy steps. Dont use the same synthetic paintbrushes that you use to apply latex paint. Cover the surface evenly and then let the stain dry.

Step 7 – Seal the Table. Use a power washer or hose to spray off dirt and grime. Rub a generous amount of stain into every square inch of the wood with a blue shop towel.

Choose any color that you want and apply the stain with a rag or paintbrush. Step 3 – Apply Wood Stain. The more labor-intensive method relies on the use of a stiff bristle brush coarse and fine grit sandpaper and a lot of elbow grease.

Stain the bottom of the table and benches first and then the top. Make sure to to cover the whole area. With a paintbrush apply a sanding sealant on the surface of your picnic table and dry for 30 minutes.

Remember to spray the benches and legs in addition to the tabletop. Part 2 of picnic table with hidden screws Table staining shows how we stain our tables this process we found helps bringout the woodgrain on treated wood. Perhaps the easiest way of preparing a wood picnic table for staining requires little more than the use of a deck cleaner.

Apply it rinse it off and let the table dry. Sand the picnic table again using the procedure in Step 1. With the help of a friend flip the picnic table back over so its upright.

Stain the tabletop and benches. Let the table dry under the sun for three hours. Instead choose a brush that has natural bristles.

Flip the Picnic Table Over and Stain the Top Next you will want to stain the top of the picnic table and apply the stain evenly over the whole surface. Unless you are removing the remnants of a prior paintjob the first method will do nicely. First make sure the bottoms are really clean.

Thoroughly clean your picnic table. Learn how to refinish a wooden picnic table in 4 easy steps with this DIY tutorial. Use a wood cleaner to remove any stubborn dirt stains left after spraying.

Top edges sides corners underside etc. Wear gloves and a face mask for safety. Let the stain dry to the touch.

Allow the stain to penetrate the wood grain for 5-10 minutes. How to Refinish a Wooden Picnic Table in 4 Easy Steps 2. PurestockPurestockGetty Images Left to nature an uncoated wood table would eventually decay from exposure to sunlight rain and wet falling leaves.

We used a small foam brush to stain the harder-to-access spots. For a lighter wood stain apply only one or two coats of wood stain. Stain the legs bench supports and tabletop braces.

Tips for Staining a Picnic Table. Apply one coat of oil-based stain. After sanding apply a coating of wood stain on the picnic table using a fresh paintbrush.

Once youve allowed the wood filler time to dry you can stain the wood. This wood was really dry and soaked up nearly a full gallon of stain on its own. If you want a two-tone finished table like ours make sure you do not drip any stain on the sides of the benches or table top.

If you dont love the natural color of the wood find a stain you like but dont try to replicate the color of what the piece used to beand if theres a single damaged section youll want. Finally apply a polyurethane finish over the top of the wooden picnic table. A semi-transparent stain protects your picnic table with a natural-appearing finish.

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