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Today everyone wants to save, why not you too? With a cheap car loan, you are always at an advantage over a car dealership. Benefit today from the banks’ low interest rate policy on consumer credit. A credit-financed car purchase has never been as cheap as it is today.

Manufacturer-independent vehicle financing so you benefit from the market advantages. With the free and independent loan request, you will get the right loan offer for your new car. The credit broker calculates for you, your personal car loan, exactly to your specifications and wishes. Your loan request will be processed within a few hours, so you will receive a personal loan offer the very next day.

Your loan request is free of charge and non-binding, if you do not want to exercise your loan offer or you have decided otherwise, you will not pay a cent for this service.

The cheap car financing, with the car loan on purchase from the dealer and from private.

The cheap car financing, with the car loan on purchase from the dealer and from private.

You have already found a suitable vehicle with your car dealer? So you do not lose any time, your loan request will be processed on the same day. Once the consultant has received a suitable offer from a partner bank that corresponds to their loan request. Thus, your personal loan documents with appropriate creditworthiness, as soon as possible by mail.

Car loan: Get your desired financing now

  • The best loan offer from 20 different banks
  • Are you looking for a cheap car loan? With the free and non-binding loan request, you will receive the best financing offer from over 20 partner banks. Your personal adviser, negotiates with different banks for you so you get the best car loan.
  • New car finance with the car loan
  • Get a cash discount from your car dealer now. Compared to a dealer financing for a new car, a car loan is usually always much cheaper, if you calculate the manufacturer and dealer discount on a cash payment.
  • Used car financing
  • You have already found a suitable used one. Do not lose time, start the free and no-obligation loan request now and get your car loan.

Car Loans: Definition and Differences

Car Loans: Definition and Differences

Loans are a sensible thing. Provided you are attuned to the object to be financed. The car loan is such a loan, which, however, not only benefits.

The car loan: what is it?

Car loan is a special type of loan. As the name suggests, it serves to finance a vehicle. It comes in different variants, which are adjusted to the liquidity of the borrower.

The most common choice is the classic installment loan, where the borrower pays the installments to the participating bank. A big advantage of this variant is the possibility to use the vehicle, which is to be financed, as security. As a result, the loan rate is usually lower and the car can be paid off faster.

Another variant of the car loan is the three-way financing. This is similar to the leasing model because the car is not purchased directly, but after a one-time deposit in the form of installments is paid off. After the financing has expired, the borrower can buy the vehicle or return it to the dealer. Further financing is possible.

The classic installment is chosen much more often due to better terms. The three-way financing is especially useful if the car is to be used only over a short period of time.

Advantages and disadvantages of the car loan

The car loan has various advantages, but also some disadvantages. An advantage is the better conditions, which are made possible by the vehicle as security. As a result, even customers with a weak credit rating can conclude such a loan.

The flexible loan options are also an advantage. Advance payments are possible as well as mentioned leasing financing and other credit models. Since the loans are usually offered by special Carnowbanks, the terms are also tailored to the financing of a vehicle.

One of the disadvantages of a car loan is that discounts can not be claimed. The buyer pays the full price of the vehicle and usually additional interest. In addition, the vehicle registration document must be deposited as security. Apart from that, a car loan is a sensible alternative to the normal installment loan, which, like most loans of this type, is particularly well-suited to certain groups of people. In addition, the differences between the car banks must be considered.

Differences between the different Carnowbank

The differences between the individual banks are sometimes very large. There are credit institutions which require additional collateral, others only require the vehicle registration document. The amount of interest also differs from bank to bank and should be carefully examined before closing.

Lastly, attention should be paid to the details of the vehicle to be financed. Luxury vehicles are often accompanied by additional collateral and also the rates can be very high in higher priced cars. Therefore, as with normal credit: check all the details in advance and then decide if a car loan is a viable alternative to a regular loan.

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